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Darkhorse Motor Company

M8 Engine Stand

M8 Engine Stand

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Darkhorse Motor Company® leaders in the industry of Harley-Davidson® performance & purpose built crankshafts & crankcase assemblies know the importance of efficiency in the engine build shop.  It is the primary reason this universal engine stand was developed to allow the engine builder to have just 1 engine stand to build motors off of.

This engine stand is the only one that every technician can have in his own personal toolbox and can accommodate every Big Twin model of Harley-Davidson (registered trademark) dating back over 50 years.  The complete kit covers everything from the 70’s Shovels, the Evolution ® and TwinCam ® platforms through Late Model M8’s®   

M8 Stand alone engine stand Retail $133.50  #DH-ESM8-K

M8 Engine including the 50 year adaptor kit Retail  $229.95 #DH-ES50K 

50 year adaptor kit Retail $99.95   #DH-ESUA-K

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